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Sadie The Sheep

Meet Saddha (Sadie for short) She's the newest member of our farm-family. Sadie  is an 80's baby at heart - just look at her leg warmers! 

She's an adorable bundle of wool, and has the cutest pink nose you've ever seen. 

If you get the chance to snuggle her (she's a big-time snuggler) you'll notice the little black specks like pepper on her nose, and her ver sweet eyes. 

She eats hay and drinks water - and loves sun bathing on the straw. 

Spirit and Sadie are just becoming pasture-pals, and like any other relationship - it takes time to build trust. 

We're certain they'll become bonded and then, besties for life! 


image0 (41).jpeg

Have you ever seen a more handsome horse? 

Spirit is the namesake of the farm, and he LOVES eating. In fact - just the other day he got into the hay shed and ate his way through half a bag of oats. 

The Vet had to come out, and for about 4-5 days things were very iffy. 

True to his character, Spirit rallied through and didn't get sick at all. Phewf!

Spirit loves licking people, and unzipping their jackets. He's such a naughty pony! 

When you meet him, he'll want a snack so be prepared. He also has very sharp intuition and can always always tell if you're going through something. 

He's made many people cry (in a good way) on the farm - but that's exactly why we are here - to help you feel a little bit of healing and a whole lot of wellness. 

Spirit is 15 years old, 13.5 hands high, and has the sweetest fuzzy peach nose you've ever snuggled. 


Image by Diego Rodriguez

Coming to the farm this Spring 2023 - the cutest pair of baby bunnies you've ever laid your eyes upon. 

In 2022 our beloved bunny Zen passed away and it broke our hearts. 

He was about 8 years old, and the sweetest little soul. Everyone loved him, and his cuddles were the best. 

In fact, people would carry him all over the farm for hours and he loved it. 

So, we decided that we'd bring back the bunnies! 

When you come out to the farm on Sunday Family Farm day's and you book a picnic, you can come visit the bunnies, and hold them for as long as you like. 

We know you'll love them! 

Country Spirit Wellness Farm - white.png
Picnic Anhor

Adorned with Pine Trees, beautiful gardens, a horse paddock, fields as far as the eye can see - Country Spirit Wellness Farm is the perfect destination to relax, unwind, and find your Spirit.


I loved my experience at Country Spirit Wellness Farm! I will be back. The signature lemonade was incredble.

My partner and I really enjoyed our couples picnic. We are busy professionals and this was a nice way to relax and unwind.

My child has been taking Equine Assisted Mindfulness Lessons from Stephanie for a while, and we really notice the difference ein his confidence and attitude overall.

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