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December 10th 2022
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
At The Farm in Paris Ontario

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If you would like to try to connect with someone on the other side or someone who has recently passed away, this wonderfully peaceful and enlightening afternoon on the farm is especially for you! 

Call on your spirit guides and loved ones to join our gathering. Psychic Medium Dana Jensen will deliver messages sent from the other side and universal energy!


We will be gathering together as a group for a day at Country Spirit Wellness Farm!


Here's how our lovely day will unfold: 


Arrival: 12:45 - 1:00 pm 

Group: 1:00pm - 3:00 pm (approx) group readings, messages, insight, etc

Spirit: 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm (approx) meet and greet Spirit, relax, rest, enjoy, and connect!


Also Enjoy:


1. Chamapagne & Charcuterie 

2. An opportunity to ask Dana a private psychic question, if needed!

3. Meet and greet Spirit, the Horse - feed him an apple or carrot if you wish and soak in his loving energy, and give him some healing snuggles.

4. Peaceful farm setting in a gorgeous 100+-year-old farmhouse with plenty of free parking

5. Group readings, messages and psychic intuition for all of us 

6. Comfy chairs, seating, and a lovely day together to connect with our loved ones who have passed or get some clarity on challenges or issues you might need support with! 

$75 per person 

Psychic parties and gatherings have seen an increase in popularity in recent years and have grown to become a widespread occurrence.


When you join in a group setting, it creates a high vibration, and messages flow!


Feel free to join us for an afternoon of entertaining psychic experiences and magical moments.



Dana was born a clairvoyant and medium. As a clairvoyant for most of her adult life, she has helped thousands of people find their true spiritual path. We look forward to meeting all of you and don’t forget to bring a friend!

Learn more about Dana here.

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Adorned with Pine Trees, beautiful gardens, a horse paddock, fields as far as the eye can see - Country Spirit Wellness Farm is the perfect destination to relax, unwind, and find your Spirit.

private stone fire pit available
for events & retreats

I loved my experience at Country Spirit Wellness Farm! I will be back. The signature lemonade was incredble.

My partner and I really enjoyed our couples picnic. We are busy professionals and this was a nice way to relax and unwind.

My child has been taking Equine Assisted Mindfulness Lessons from Stephanie for a while, and we really notice the difference in his confidence and attitude overall.

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