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Growing up in a Dutch family, coffee was our lifeline. 

I can remember when I was about 10 my Dad would let me help him bring coffee to our 'Primers' - the Dutch exchange students who picked tobacco for our farm. I was allowed to yell: 

"De Koffee Is Klaar!" which translates to: The Coffee is Ready! And it became one of my favourite sayings. 

I would help Mom prepare the coffee, bring all of the treats, and hop in the back of the GMC truck with Dad. We would travel to the Kiln Yard and bring coffee break to the gang there, and then do the same to the boys in the field. 

I was always allowed to have coffee - but it was mostly milk and sugar. I loved that smell, and the memories always bring me back to the farm. This started my love of coffee. 

Experience a little bit of Dutch when you book the Dutch Koffee Experience. 


- A huge pot of coffee right at your picnic table ( don't worry, we have a plan for rain) 

- Speculaas cookies - a tradition in Dutch culture

- Stroop Waffles - sweet and sticky - and absolutely satisfying. Goes perfect with coffee. 

- Black licorice - because it's so perfectly Dutch! A treat to take home, or nibble on while you're here. 

- Sweets and treats from all over Holland 

- Candies and cookies 

- Dutch Spiced Coffee Cake

Who Is This Great For? 

Have a business meeting, a client you want to take out and impress, or need a little getaway with a friend or family member? 

It's perfect for everyone, and it's a 1-hour coffee experience with the opportunity to meet, greet, pet, and snuggle Spirit the horse if you wish. 

Available during the day, evenings and weekends. 

Just email to book: 

** Outside food is not permitted on site. Thanks for understanding! ***

Country Spirit Wellness Farm - white.png

Adorned with Pine Trees, beautiful gardens, a horse paddock, fields as far as the eye can see - Country Spirit Wellness Farm is the perfect destination to relax, unwind, and find your Spirit.

private stone fire pit available
for events & retreats

I loved my experience at Country Spirit Wellness Farm! I will be back. The signature lemonade was incredble.

My partner and I really enjoyed our couples picnic. We are busy professionals and this was a nice way to relax and unwind.

My child has been taking Equine Assisted Mindfulness Lessons from Stephanie for a while, and we really notice the difference in his confidence and attitude overall.

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