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on a break until spring 2023

(Spirit and Steph don't like working in the snow!)


Book a private session for yourself, your co-workers or your child and let Spirit help you heal, feel calm, relax, and pause from the busy world. Individual or group sessions are available. Workshops available. Catering options are possible. Anything is possible! 

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Children's classes focus on developing life-long skills that stick through scientifically-proven mindfulness breathing exercises, interactive & fun activities with Spirit the horse, and yoga stretching with Spirit to calm, soothe, and relax.


Your child learns how to safely be around a horse which in turn naturally develops self-worth and courage. 


Students Will Explore & Develop Skills Such As: 




-self-esteem building

-adaptability & anti-bullying

-social tolerance & acceptance

-emotional awareness

- social & relationship awareness 

Students will learn the basics of horsemanship, responsibility, organization, focus, and compassion. 


4 Class Package - $200.00 

Each class is 1 - hour

Designed for individual students

Ages 6 +

4 hours at Country Spirit Wellness Farm 

6 Class Package - $300.00 

Each class is 1- hour 

Designed for individual students 

Ages 6+

6 hours at Country Spirit Wellness Farm 

Individual Class - $60.00 

Each class is 1- hour 

Designed for individual students who wish to experience a session to see if it's the right fit for them.

Ages 6+ 

1 hour at Country Spirit Wellness Farm 


If you're looking for a fun, interactive and nature-based experience for your group, family, or co-workers/team then an experience with Spirit at Country Wellness Farm is a great choice and destination for you. 

This experience is designed to help you take a break from your busy life, and enjoy the present moment while learning a variety of mindful breathing techniques, guided group meditations, a walking meditation, and you'll interact with and connect with Spirit by grooming, playing, feeding, and getting him to do what you ask without words or actions. 

Each group session offers a catered grazing board and charcuterie lunch, Country Spirit's signature lemonade, and coffee as well as tea.  

Above all else, come and enjoy the country, breathe a little deeper, take a pause and find peace here. 


Spirit is a black Quarter Horse- Cob - meaning he isn't quite a pony, and not quite a horse. 

He's gentle, loving, and enjoys doing tricks for treats. 

He has a way with people - he just senses their worries, troubles, and challenges and finds a way directly into your heart to help you feel better instantly. 

Spirit is about 15 years old, and I would definitely call him my heart-horse. 

I can't wait for you to meet him and experience Spirit's magic.

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