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Country Spirit Wellness Farm

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Some GPS apps may not get you here, and we definitely want to see you at Country Spirit Wellness Farm. 

If you use Waze or Google Maps, try entering: 

55 Oxford 2


Ontario, Canada



My journey to wellness has been a beautiful winding road. Here's a little about me..

- I grew up on a tobacco & horse farm in Otterville, Ontario Canada 

- I have always loved animals, and wanted to be a Vet when I "grew up"

- My childhood ponies were everything to me. 

- I am adopted, but I speak Dutch fluently. My background is Indigenous, British and Spanish!

- I have a horse called Spirit, a bunny named Zen, two cats: Sage & Monk, and a puppy called Karma. 

Schooling & Certifications: 

- Broadcasting Degree in Journalism & Media 

- Professional and Published Writer and Author/Blogger 

- Certified Meditation Teacher through the Dharana Method - Deepak Chopra Centre 

- Certified Kids Yoga Teacher 

- Certificates in: Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness Teacher 

- Marketing & Events Professional 


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