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21 Days Of Mindfulness : The Spiritual Mama’s No-Bullshit Bible

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Imagine if you had your very own sassy and experienced self-help guru with you every single day for 21 days. How fantastically-fucking awesome would that be? It won’t cost you millions, you’ll have something to aspire to daily, and you’ll get your dose of dopamine laced with mindfulness like the radical spiritual junkie you are! 21 Days of Mindfulness - The Successful & Spiritual Babe's kick-in-the-ass, action-packed guide AND journal to get, stay and be mindful delivers again and again. It’s real & honest with a no-bullshit and spiritual approach to show the reader how to uncover and create more calm, clarity and peace of mind through meditation and plenty of introspective as well as thoughtful exercises. It’s layered with refreshing insights and a how-to-do-it action plan every day. This bright, colourful, sassy, kick-ass book is created with easy, practical applications and exercises to suit anyone’s position or place on their spiritual path. The reader has someone to hold hands with for 21 days. Why 21? After 21 days, your brain actually generates new neuro-pathways so you’re re-structuring your brain for the better too. Win-win! Enjoy 21 + days of action, satisfaction and easy-to-implement activities all geared toward raising your vibration, being more mindful, finding calm in the chaos and being a better you, each and every day!You'll love the journal and reflection sections, the subtle and LOUD reminders to get your butt in gear, and the fun, brutally honest ways that only author Stephanie Van De Ven can illicit!

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