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intuitive card readings

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Just recently, my uncle Theo Van de Kam passed away. 

He meant more to me than I can ever articulate in words. 

His name means Gift from God, and he was a gift - especially for me. 

From a very young and early age, 'Ome Theo' taught me Reiki, Intuition, Healing, Psychic Connection, Numerology, and Spirituality. (to name just a few)

Throughout the years, during any challenge, problem, hardship and heartbreak, he was the one person I could go to for spiritual advice, love, and understanding. He was my mentor, spiritual teacher and friend.


It is because of him that I know what I know.


In memory and gratitude for him and all he has done for me, I am wildly and boldly stepping into his shoes and continuing his path of purpose, healing, and spirituality. 

I've been practicing for years, enjoying my gifts privately - but his passing has inspired me to literally: 

Get into the "Spirit" & share my spiritual gifts with you!

Your Personalized Experience Includes: 


Together, with my horse Spirit, and a beautiful deck of intuitive and/or angel cards, you'll receive a 30-minute session that includes: 

  • We will have coffee or tea together - your choice 

  • You'll receive an intuitive card reading from a selection of angel cards or my own (proudly designed) horse therapy cards - we'll let intuition choose which deck - everyone's energy is different. 

  • Some readings include 1,2 or 3 cards - sometimes more- I am intuitively guided and will pick what you need for this specific reading.

  • You can think of a situation, issue, concern that you need guidance with - but often times I'll already know! Creepy right? But also: very cool and honestly, I have no idea how I know - I just do. 

  • We'll also incorporate a meditation/mindful breathing to help you feel relaxed, open to the reading and peaceful. 

  • Soft and gentle music will be playing and I encourage clients to wear comfy cozy clothing. 

  • A blanket is provided if you'd like to cozy up even more. 

  • Weather depending,we will go outside and spend time with Sprit the horse and receive some of his magical healing.

  • We'll feed Spirit a snack or two as well to say thank you for his guidance and support

  • I'll try to make notes for you as best I can, but you might wish to bring a notebook and pen - sometimes I get on a roll and can't write fast enough!

  • Time at the end for questions or guidance based on your reading and cards 


1. Do you connect with departed loved ones? 

A: While I have not had a lot of experience doing this, anything is possible - but please do not come for a reading specifically for this reason as I do not want you to feel let down, discouraged or upset any more than you need to. 

2. Where are the readings held? 

A: We will have a reading in my home, on my wellness farm, just outside of Paris, Ontario in my beautifully decorated loft room overlooking the fields. It's a very quiet, peaceful space and perfect for your reading. 

3. Do you have other animals? 

A: Yes. I have a dog called Karma who will bark, but she will be in her crate for our reading so she doesn't interrupt. I also have cats - so please make sure if you are allergic and are able - take a claritin or refrain from booking a reading. 

4. Will you go over the 30-minutes?

A: Probably! Plan to spend an hour here, but sometimes messages are short and succinct - plan for that too! Anything goes here when I'm working with spirit. 

5. Do you book 1-hour sessions? 

A: No. Not yet, anyway. Maybe in the future? I'll let you know. 

6. Did you go to school for this? 

A: I have taken courses, classes and meditation/mindfulness/yoga certification courses over the course of the years. I've also taken spiritual development classes and courses and attended plenty of lectures, workshops and seminars. 

7. What if my reading isn't accurate or not what I wanted? 

A: I'm here to help you, guide you, and use my gifts to provide a peaceful, calming experience for you. Sometimes we get messages or meanings that won't become clear until a few days or a few weeks after. 

8. Can I bring a friend to my reading? 

A: No. Readings are for one person only, intimate and private. Your friend is more than welcome to book a reading with me too! I find it challenging to focus when there is more than one person here, but waiting in the car is always an option if you want to carpool!

9. How much is 30 minutes? 

A: $40.00 per person, per 30-minute session. 

10. What is your cancellation policy? 

A: Because I book off time and block in your space, get Spirit prepared, tidy, clean, set up, etc. So much time and energy is incorporated into the prep-work for your session.  I need a minimum of 3-day's cancellation. Any reason is fine, but a refund is not possible. You can rebook or share the session with someone you love. 

11. Are refunds possible? 

A: Sorry, no refunds. 

Please note: 

These readings are fun, light and for entertainment purposes only. 

Country Spirit Wellness Farm - white.png

With Spirit The Horse


Adorned with Pine Trees, beautiful gardens, a horse paddock, fields as far as the eye can see - Country Spirit Wellness Farm is the perfect destination to relax, unwind, and find your Spirit.

private stone fire pit available
for events & retreats

I loved my experience at Country Spirit Wellness Farm! I will be back. The signature lemonade was incredble.

My partner and I really enjoyed our couples picnic. We are busy professionals and this was a nice way to relax and unwind.

My child has been taking Equine Assisted Mindfulness Lessons from Stephanie for a while, and we really notice the difference in his confidence and attitude overall.

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